Gourmet Snapshot is a studio of Culinary Photography and Food Styling.

Gourmet Snapshot aims to achieve a communication between colors and appetite through photography. Also is dedicated to the projects that provides information and practices about relationships between sensory perception and sensations by means of images.

The advantage of our customers is that the whole team from Gourmet Snapshot has previously worked in gastronomy or hospitality. This thing is decisive in Culinary Photography and food Styling.

Considering the fact that every customer should have the right information about the respective location, before making a reservation, we created the rubric: THE CLIENT- Standards and Impressions. By means of this rubric will be presented our experience, as clients .
Our reviews are totally independent and impartial. We pay the bills of our budget for what we consume when we do reviews. And this thing must be clear.

If you want to see more about us,  watch the next video 

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